Feng Shui Phoenix


Feng Shui  means Wind and Water, it is an art of using the geomancy to manipulate the Qi (or sometime called Chi),  also known as Life Energy, in an attempt to enhance the quality of the environments we live in.  Qi is the air we breath and it can also bring prosperity, health.  If not properly handled, the Qi itself brings in sickness and disaster.  Qi is carried by the wind and the water holds it, thus explaining the term Feng Shui.

To make the Qi bringing harmony and prosperity to the people, a traditional Feng Shui consultant needs to understand the nature of the five elements affecting it and use them properly.  They are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

The basic understanding of how to use those Five elements can be simplified into the handling of two main relationships between those elements: domination and productive.  Water dominates Fire whereas Fire produces Earth.  It is obvious that domination leads to hardship and is therefore not good. 

On the other hand, productive relationship creates the harmony we seek.  When the elements are in harmony, the Qi is good and results in prosperity and health to the people.

In the old times, the Chinese Emperors used the Feng Shui masters to predict their fates with Astrology and alter them with Feng Shui.  Those techniques were kept secrets for many years but eventually got leaked out to the general public in very hidden ways.  And then many masters traveled far from China and started to pass down the most kept secrets to their sons, students and so on.

With the flourish of Feng Shui, it became a habit for the property owner or a business owner to request the Feng Shui practitioners to audit their place and remove the bad Qi, also known as Sha.  This practice slowly started from the East and became known to the Westerners.  Many of them were so fascinated with Feng Shui or Astrology, they traveled to China to learn the deep root of these arts.  Today, Feng Shui is no longer a mystery and many Westerners climbed to the rank of masters.  Hopefully, Feng Shui of tomorrow will be the way of life to find harmony among ourselves and with nature.